The Gift of Time… Trying not to wish it away.


I have the pleasure of being home full time for 4 fulls weeks so far. I have only 2 FULL weeks left … I have a 2 week training out of state that I leave for soon. We have had lots of fun so far this summer and this summer off has created lots of excitement and memories.

I am still working on the arguments I tend to have in my head, about taking time for myself and spending (making up) time with my family.  I am so grateful to have a VERY supportive family that goes above and beyond to help me create balance.

In all of this, I find myself focusing on the “little time” left and what I need to get accomplished prior to my school year starting (we start August 1).  I am definitely getting better at pushing those thoughts out of my head.

Do any of you out there spend time working about the time… instead of utilizing the time? If so share with me, ,won’t you. If struggled with this and mastered how to get over with it…. spit it out and share your methods with me and my over active brain.

Oops …

I am a caretaker by nature. I am a problem solver by nature. I am a “let’s stop talking about and do it” person by nature. I am an efficiency driven by nature. This all sometimes looks like I am bossy by nature. Truthfully…. sometimes very true. However it really is so something can get accomplished and crossed of “the list”. (Yes I am also a list type of person). I am a teacher and technically a mother to 2 of my own- In both arenas that is allot of mothering. It was so easy to continue this behavior (without realizing it) on my husband. I never noticed. Well one day he walked into the bathroom and I caught myself getting ready to say “Lift the lid and aim.” OH MY GOSH. He is not one of my children. What in the world! Honestly, I don’t even know what caught me in that moment. I can’t even truthfully sit here and tell you that I haven’t yelled that to him. Or other “motherly” comments. I have been more conscience about being a wife to my husband and a parent to my children and my pseudo-children.

If you have kids… do you “mother” your husband sometimes? How do you separate your house roles (wife vs mother)?? Do you have funny stories in this area? Share with me in the comments…. I can’t be alone in this one.

Top 5 Things This Momma Says Daily

5. What is this and where did it come from?

4. Who Farted?

3. Put on Some Shorts.

2. For. The. Love.

1. Did you even try to aim?

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TGIW: 5 Random Things I Am Thankful For

Of course I am thankful for my husband, family, job and all the “big” things. But here are a few random things this weekend made me realize I am thankful for.

Thank Goodness It’s Wednesday- So many possibilities and opportunities. 

Of course I am thankful for my husband, family, job and all the “big” things. But here are a few random things this weekend made me realize I am thankful for.

I am thankful that. . .

  1. This past weekend we spent at the beach . . . as a family to relax and rejuvenate. It is amazing how sitting by the ocean for 3 days, watching the tide go in and out – can so simply totally relax you.
  2. I am left with just enough flexibility not to snap in half or fall over when I paint my summer toe nails.
  3. Mini Me still believes that  Who can be the quietest the longest- really is a game and not that mommy is about to lose her sh*%. (he is a bit of a motor mouth… even as he sleeps)
  4. This video was shared with me: Peter Kay and Misheard Song Lyrics – My family thought I was crazy laughing out loud- seriously you should probably stop reading this post and go watch funny.
  5. My husbands tolerance of my love for pens and post-its.

What random things in life are you thankful for?

5 Things I Learned From Unplugging… Again

The 5 things learned and new goals to support my reflection while unpligged.

For about the past two weeks I have detached from the internet… for the most part. I still needed it to complete tasks for the last week of work. Then last week I detached and mini me and I began our summer break with rest. Lots of it. In the past I have completely detached for at least one week a year. I stopped that practice. I didn’t realize how much I missed that and how much my spirit needed it.  I forgot the things I learned from this practice and some quickly came back to me and some still surprised me.

  1. I typically never detach from work. I never realized how many times I checked and responded to my work email while at home during “family time”. I am in a household full of boys- this usually means some sport event is on tv. In turn it appears I navigated to checking and responding to email. New goal in this area: I have disabled email notifications for the summer and plan to check once a week.
  2. I needed to reinvest in my book collection. I found, as a self proclaimed avid reader – by book collection was more dinosaurs, superheros, or the latest educational read. Now, do not get me wrong, I cherish my time reading with mini me and my reading in my career field (that I am very passionate about). However, this opened my eyes to how unbalanced my life can be. Goal: Find my library card and scope out something new to read.
  3. I have too many ideas in my head and need to get them on paper. Since I didn’t post last week- I used this time to map out many ideas and post drafts. It was a great reflection time to better plan the future of the blog and what I want to personally get out of it. Goal: I have set aside some brainstorming “paper” time at least once a month.
  4. My children are hysterical when they don’t know I am watching. It is so easy to get caught up in the “to do” list – for my  job, personal correspondence, personal enrichment, household duties and more “required” children duties- it was nice to sit and just watch our children and their creative minds interact with toys, crafts, and us. We laughed a lot. Goal: Wake up just a bit earlier some Saturday’s to complete blog tasks and make coffee. Spend some time drinking coffee and observing our kids.
  5. It is good to linger in bed and enjoy a slow morning. I am not one to sit around all day- if I am sitting I am working, researching, or writing. But most of the time I am working around the house, during the school year prepping lessons, and most of all enjoying time with my family. I like to get every moment out of the day as possible. These 2 weeks, made me realize by trying to get every productive minute out of the day, I was missing some very important time with myself and/or my husband. It is amazing how 10 extra minutes lingering in bed to talk, cuddle, or just pray changes the atmosphere of the rest the day. Goal: At least once a weekend linger for at least 10 minutes in the bed.