For the Love: Intro… The Light

Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven.  Psalm 107: 28-30

Over the course of the next 4 posts, I am going to share a story… a testimony if you will. 4 stages of a storm I never saw coming. A storm that seemed to hit every single angle of my life and attempted to demolish it to a point that one would wonder if it even exsisted. I am not going to lie, these upcoming posts encompass the hardest yet most rewarding, most painful yet peaceful moments, scariest yet most faithful days to date of my earthly walk.

Before I begin to share my perspective of the journey- I need to reiterate this is my perspective, my journey. And as such, may leave out details that isn’t part of my story to share.

I also, felt it necessary to share my today.  To let you know that the light at the end of the tunnel was beautiful daylight- not an oncoming train. Many look at storms in life, the bumps in the road, and wish they hadn’t happened. I however, wouldn’t trade the storm in for anything. Sure I wish some of the pain I had experienced didn’t  hurt as bad. Sure I wish for a smooth road, but I honestly can say that as I sit here today…

“So I’m thankful for the scars Cause’ without them I wouldn’t know Your heart And I know they’ll always tell of who You are So forever I am thankful for the scars”

From Song Scars

I hope through my sharing you will see…

“The weapon may be formed but it won’t prosper . When the darkness falls it won’t prevail, Cause the God I serve knows only how to triumph. My God will never fail. I’m gonna see a victory. For the battle belongs to You Lord.”

From Song See A Victory

…. Our God never fails, you will see a victory- you will see the war truly has been won.


PS – My love language is music – so I have also found a song or two that spoke to me during each stage and wanted to share. Today- at the light at the end of this tunnel –



Bedroom Food Confessions #22

Lessons from a skunk…. part 2. If you didn’t see part 1 click here first.

It has been a really busy week – The school I work for, students started back this week. My brain is still on summer mode and it is always a process to get back into the full swing of things. Then this weekend my husband and I have been volunteering at a camp for foster children. It was a fabulous experience- but we were passing like ships at night. Working different shifts and still having someone home for mini me.  As I got home late last night, I let the dog out. I returned a couple minutes later and he was fighting a skunk outside our back door. As I opened the door, spray was still getting the dog and then also got our laundry room. I yelled for my husband.

Thanks to my experience with the cat, I knew what to do. BUT the dog was covered so so so much more. He had to be bathed outside, in the dark, he was so uncomfortable from the spray. After the 3 bath process, he was finally let in and the real work began. The skunk still sat by our back door. He didn’t make it, but was still winning by emitting such a smell. The hub (THANK GOD FOR HIM) removed the skunk to our back woods. We began bleaching and hosing down our laundry room (add on so not directly in the house), the siding of the house, the windows… the list goes on. But the smell. I can’t even describe how strong it was. I had the AC on full blast and the font of the house windows open to try to move some of it out. Mini me now wide awake and not liking the current state of our air quality. Bless it. The hubs and I worked together a bit frustrated, some laughs, and lots of shaking our heads.

Confession I was not as joyful as when it happened with the cat. I was not immediately praising the Lord for this experience.

But as we went to bed, in the early morning hours, we pondered… OK I pondered and he patiently listened…. so I praised God and his blessing of calmness during cat bathing, did the enemy say- here watch this? Or is this just one of those things? A day later, as I sit here, I found the joy. I found the blessing. It might not be in the faint smell of skunk that still permeates most of our house, but the gift of time together. In such a craziness of a week, followed by a crazier weekend- where divide and conquer was the theme (one of which the enemy likes way way to much)…This blessing dressed as a curse, had given the hubs and I some quality (kid free) time that likely wouldn’t have happened this past weekend. It gave us laughs, eventually. Here is to hoping this is the end of the skunk chapter we have been in…. I love the blessings I found in each one. I am grateful for them.  Confession 2– But I would be lying if I wasn’t sitting here hoping lessons like this keep coming- but wishing, hoping, that maybe in the future the form could maybe resemble one of a mouse??

Lessons From a Cat

Sometimes it takes a step back, a day away to realize what has happened… you can call me crazy … but here it is.

So the enemy has been shooting arrows from all directions, this weekend- specifically Friday and Saturday. Well on Saturday, I turn on some tunes and had a word with the enemy and his need to leave, he has no power here. As I went to bed Saturday night, the hubs and I took a deep breath and told him the enemy didn’t get my Saturday night joy and he wasn’t about to have my Sunday joy.

Apparently the enemy felt like that was a dare. A cat that adopted us last fall, stays outside most the night- like clock work meowing to be let in around 6:30am. I was already up and just enjoying a peaceful morning and the hubs said I’ll get her. He lets her in. She comes into the bedroom, jumps up on the bed and I immediately realized she had been sprayed by a skunk. (We won’t talk about how in the world the hubs missed that smh). I quickly got her back outside so I could regroup. I took a deep breath and said oh no you are not robbing me of my Sunday morning joy and googled what to do (I mean what else would one do). I found that the best method required bathing the cat- not once BUT 3 TIMES…. a CAT. I prepared for the 3 different types of baths. First with dawn to break down the skunk oil, second with a mix of hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/water to neutralize the odor, and third pet shampoo to get any remnants of the previous washes off. I prepared- I put on the armor of God, turned on praise music, put on some pitiful armor to protect from the shredding my skin would endure. I walked the plank and went to get the cat.

Y’ALL – this cat sat calmly and only tried once to jump away for ALL THREE BATHS. . . AND she even cuddled after we got home from church. I just thought what an amazing cat.

Sometimes I am slow. The lesson, what I realized, 3 days later… I fought with the armor of God against all the arrows- I knew that would cause more and faster- like the book of James- I counted each arrow as joy- I praised the good Lord. AND YOU KNOW WHAT- I don’t have an amazing cat (she is cool), but I have an AMAZING GOD who blessed me (and the cat) with calmness. An amazing blessing all because of my mustard seed sized faith. It truly is the only explanation.

Bedroom Food Confessions #21

Yesterday we celebrated our dogs 7th year adoption anniversary… Mini me decided we needed to celebrate with a cookie cake.

Confession I did not need the stash yesterday because 2 of my 3 meals yesterday were cookie cake.

Note: New treadmill arrives Tuesday. True Story.


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Bedroom Food Confessions #20

The hubs has a feeling about the stash….

Confession I may have set-up a decoy 😉 just to be safe.

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