The Importance Of Resetting

So I was having what I thought was technical difficulties this past weekend in posting a my schedule post on Monday. I can’t even begin to describe the frustration on not being able to log into by blog to post. We had some snowy/icy weather and school was even called out. I had all the extra time in the world. My frustration just kept growing and growing. I had put all this work into planning and preparing posts way ahead of time. I was ready to listen to that voice/task (this blog) that has been placed on my heart and when I abandon- keeps coming back to me. I feel in my heart this is something I am suppose to be working on.  I finally was at a point I knew I had done research, wrote posts ahead of time, outlined, slept on topics, etc and now…. I can’t login!!!!!

Do you ever have those moments you need to walk away – or the poor laptop not at fault may really go through your dining room window !?! You Too (I hope). I walked away – mad, feeling defeated. I left feeling maybe I am not really listening to the voice in my heart… Maybe I have heard wrong for the last 2 years. Maybe I had one of my purposes COMPLETELY WRONG. I walked away from my computer not just that moment – but for a few days. I haven’t even looked at that computer.

So here I am… on my phone – thumb typing (which I HATE – and I don’t hate)… Why??? Because I had an epiphany – sitting in a meeting I had an epiphany. The computer, wordpress, my website not out to get me. (I had convinced myself it was)– I for a moment in time was being a complete idiot. My website, email is NOT overwhelmedmom … it is overflawedmom.  What a message — in that mistake, not just a mistake – but a message…. I do have flaws but in this moment of time I was overwhelmed. Sick family, bad weather, multiple unexpected items at work. I took a deep breath and began to reset.

I have the opportunity this weekend to go away with a couple girls. We don’t have lots of plans- besides being comfortable, sharing, laughing, and probably crying at some point in time. I am determined to reset. Why?? Resetting is essential to being a good wife, a good mother, a good school administrator. I used to believe/feel it was a selfish move. I felt if I took this time I was taking away more time from my husband and family- something my job already did. A couple years ago (3 to be exact) I had a similar opportunity. I found this “resetting” helped me to be a better wife and mother when I returned.

It cleared my mind, help me refocus professional and personal goals. So here is to resetting this weekend– and remembering the correct email/website name.

New Year… New Me… Nah

newyear_newmeNew Year… New Me….. I DON’T THINK SO. Looking back at 2016- sure I have regrets I wish I could change, wishes I did not get, and dreams I did not achieve… and it is great (most of the time). I am a person who is driven to get up and make today better, a life long learner looking for new inspiration and knowledge. If I knew it all, accomplished it all, had it all – I have no idea why I would be getting up to tackle another day, to grow, to improve, and to have a chance to yet again say “I told you so” to myself.

I do not believe in new year resolutions… Continue reading