New Year… New Me… Nah

newyear_newmeNew Year… New Me….. I DON’T THINK SO. Looking back at 2016- sure I have regrets I wish I could change, wishes I did not get, and dreams I did not achieve… and it is great (most of the time). I am a person who is driven to get up and make today better, a life long learner looking for new inspiration and knowledge. If I knew it all, accomplished it all, had it all – I have no idea why I would be getting up to tackle another day, to grow, to improve, and to have a chance to yet again say “I told you so” to myself.

I do not believe in new year resolutions…  I feel like that says I do not love all that I am- let’s do a complete over haul. All my mistakes, issues, insecurities, weaknesses, and flaws somehow won me the most wonderful husband and the love of our children. I don’t have the time, energy, or want for an overhaul. However, instead I like to pick new goals (sometimes general and sometimes measurable). Last year I was ready to go- I planned out my goals for THE ENTIRE YEAR. CRAZY.  By February – life with 2 kids, husband, work, and a dog happened and I was already off track.  So I am taking a new approach. This approach includes:

  • 1 “Long Term” QUARTERLY blogging goal
  • 1 Monthly Reading goal
  • 1 Monthly health/fitness goal


To kick off 2017 – 

– I WILL prepare at least 2 blog entries each week from January-March

– I WILL complete and participate in the book study: All Things New by Kelly Minter

– I WILL plan a healthy on the go breakfast 3 times a week to replace the drive through chicken biscuit.

One thought on “New Year… New Me… Nah

  1. New year resolutions are great but be kind to yourself and not goal driven. A thought…Start by doing what is NECESSARY….Then progress to what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. I remember so well when my family was small. I tried so hard to read, write, work, be a good wife and mother etc etc. Not to mention being a good daughter, daughter in law and friend. …….I broke it down one day to getting up and concentrating on what was absolutely NECESSARY. That day I looked back and discovered I had achieved more than on the days I wrote a list and tried to tick off all the goals etc. Have a great new year.. Thanks for you blog I love to follow and feel your life. Cheers!

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