OverFlawed Facelift…Coming Back Better and Stronger in Mid 2018


Wasn’t sure where blogging fit anymore and took over a year off. To be honest I wasn’t sure I had what was needed to keep this up or wanted to keep up. In the time away… I kept getting tugged back to sprucing the place up and to try again. I have spent the last several months prepping, writing, tweaking, reflecting and brainstorming. I will be back in May 2018 with bi weekly postings. I can’t wait to see what this crazy, over flawed, perfect life brings in later this year…. hope you will come along for the ride.

Author: OverFlawed Mom

Working on being a wife, mother, sane school teacher- stumbling through life filled with lots of laughter, some tears and countless flaws.

3 thoughts on “OverFlawed Facelift…Coming Back Better and Stronger in Mid 2018”

  1. I am delighted to see you back again in the blogging sphere. Even if you blog occasionally it is a form of ‘connecting’ with maybe folks unknown who come to care about you and bring you into their lives in ways unknown but somehow re-assuring even when our journeys are very different and our approaches to live as well way be ‘different’. Peace! I will enjoy being along for the ride!


  2. Looking again at your lovely face and the goals of your life….just an additional thought…….Stop striving too hard to be the ‘best’……none of us will ever be perfect. We will always be flawed and wanting. let it all go sometimes and simply BE you. xx


    1. Faye thanks so much. I have grown allot in the last year about being the best me… that does not equal “being the best”. I keep being drawn back/guided back to this calling and the break was energizing. Glad you are still along for the ride after my “reset”. Lots to share when I get back. It’s gonna be fun.


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