Beginnings… Summer is Coming

There is a magic with new beginnings- large or small… Don’t you agree. Something about the freshness of it all. This Monday I am reminded of that, especially this time of year. Mini Me and I are about to start our first ever summer together- with me home and not working. People… I have worked EVERY summer since I was 15. I know hard to believe… I’m a teacher (was a school administrator as well) – we “have summers off”. After over 15 years in the business- this is the FIRST summer I will not be working full time. I do have that pesky 2 week required training over the summer.

This new beginning brings lots of excitement.

Back in January/February Mini Me picked out 8 different themes he wanted to learn about. We have worked together, planned, and collected items along these themes. We will have plenty of pool, relaxing, and rest time – but I am excited to put some energy into planning his learning.

I have developed a “summer schedule”- I learned quickly through winter break and snow days- this helps us – this saves us actually. Now- if life happens, feelings happen – we change our schedule. But it is a good foundation for us. I have shared our version and blank version here for your enjoyment. Summer Resources Click Here. I will share our weekly theme resources/activities throughout the summer as well.

Mini Me’s Summer Learning Picks:

  • Week 1- Whales
  • Week 2- Safari
  • Week 3- Dinosaurs
  • Week 4- Butterflies
  • Week 5- Weather/Storms
  • Week 6- Elephants
  • Week 7- Rocks and Minerals
  • Week 8- Sharks

Share with me in the comments- any tips or stories about surviving the summer with your children.

Author: OverFlawed Mom

Working on being a wife, mother, sane school teacher- stumbling through life filled with lots of laughter, some tears and countless flaws.

One thought on “Beginnings… Summer is Coming”

  1. I hope and pray that the summer ahead will be a time where golden memories can be stored and, maybe even in survival mode with active children etc, you can store up such nuggets of lasting gold that when winter returns or even the Winter of your life….you remember and be grateful always for the golden days of Spring and Summer.


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