BFC #5

Bedroom Food Confession 5

I have am trying to cut out sugar (except fruit). My bedroom food options are 100% fruit based snacks. This wasn’t working when I really craved or needed a bedroom food moment. A friend once shared that brushing her teeth helped to curve cravings for junk food. The logic was nothing tastes quite right immediately after brushing your teeth and your mouth feels clean so, who would wants that peanut butter cup.

Confession:  I have brushed my teeth at least 17… ok more like 6 times today. 

PS Confession: I would have still eaten a peanut butter cup… immediately … without hesitation, if I had one.

Feel like you are missing something … Wondering what is bedroom food… See this post Bedroom Food Confession #1


For the Love… Of Time

Looking back almost 2 years ago, I made a drastic change in my career. Along with the theme of my journey, testimony- I truly believe God was using that day to prepare me for a day coming. I just had no idea.

I had walked in my faith my 4 years as a middle school administrator … so many words from the good Lord have come through the countless moments shared by staff, parents, community and students. That place not only tested my faith and purpose but solidified it. I can honestly say I had NEVER been truly blessed to work at place that really had become a second home … because they were family and one serious part of my heart.  I tend to be a fairly private person in my personal faith struggles and accomplishments. I spend allot of my commute (50 min each way) praising the Lord, listening to sermons, or quiet praying. This was definitely worth my time – but I had pushed (due to a natural urge) to increase that time in a place I could write and reflect on the word of the Lord, and well this just could not happen in my commute. My hours at work were long and my time with my family was limited.

The year prior to that time, I had started prayer journaling, stopped prayer journaling, made a mobile war room, packed up the mobile war room, and finally create a corner of our bedroom with a small desk, a chair, a fresh plant, and pens- my bible, mobile war room and journal.

So I had this space created – at the time I was working on prayer journaling (Something I need to get back to). I remember this particular Saturday and I dug deep and wrote…Dear Lord I admit I have not been good at being still. Being quiet. Listening to your guidance. I admit I have voices that I doubt. Is this the devil messing with the path you have provided – or is this you oh Lord. “ I move to prayer requests … “ Oh dear Lord if this is not your guidance help me to quiet the distractions. Dear Lord if this is your guidance please help me find the confidence to trust the voices and help me find and balance my time to fully give to this calling, I think I hear.  Help me with the strength to carry out your wishes/plan. Please, please, help me find the time to achieve this.”

Later in the day a listing for a position teaching engineering catches my eye. I fly by it, not paying much attention.

Sunday I go to bed thinking of all the things to be done Monday. I toss and turn for hours about that job. I finally email the principal about the school and position. Go to bed and think nothing much of it.

In a whirlwind of a week – I visited the school, interviewed, and was offered the position. This opportunity- was not at all on the “path” I had created for myself. I prayed allot.  I prayed – I asked was this a joke – I felt I finally was finding my groove and loved to school I was at. I started to think about the staff, the students, my hopes and dreams for future programs. I was convinced this was a cruel joke – the school was amazing and now I get an opportunity like this. Where was this a few years earlier when I questioned my place and purpose at this school.  I cried. I told the Lord OK I hear you. I slept.

I awoke with such peace about my future, my time with mini me and to dig deeper with my relationship with the Lord. I awoke with a hurting heart for all of my work family. As I look back at that whirlwind of a week. I also realized that opportunity did not come when I was seeking an opportunity so hard – because I was too busy to seeking my purpose and place in life. It came at that time because I had shifted my focus to seek him and then he will provide the purpose and path to get there- sometimes without us even realizing it happened. And even later from that moment, again I realized he was preparing me then for what was coming.


BFC #4

5 Things I say daily….

5. What is this and where did it come from?

4. Who Farted?

3. Put on Some Shorts.

2. For. The. Love.

1. Did you even try to aim?

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For The Love.. Of the Heard

So in the post For the Love… and courage ,I shared my word of the year- courage. Part of my commitment to that word this year is sharing various testimonies (Through a series called For the Love) – that put together, form an amazing story of a battle won, a storm endured- ONLY by the grace and strength provided by God.

When processing the storm- I realized God’s hand in this journey truly started over 2 years ago.  In hindsight, God truly used yesterday to prep me for today. This journey would not have gone the way it did with out the HEARD. 

I may be a numbers person … but yes I do mean HEARD. This is a term that has come about for a very important group of women in my life… that honestly I don’t know if I could do life without them. Each letter represents a very important person and this group- the “HEARD” is my herd.

This group was completely orchestrated by God. None of us can take credit for its formation, in my opinion. It was a divine appointment set up by him- that thankfully all of us happen to hear his calling on our heart, didn’t question it, and said yes.  Only now, do I realize how pivotable that divine appointment was.

At the time, we all worked together. This was during my time as an assistant principal in a middle school.  I can’t remember what was happening on that day- but I can probably blame it on middle school hormones. All I can remember was making a comment, one day after our prayer group meeting, “We should go to the beach and get away for a weekend and reset. If I only knew someone with a house.” That is all it took for that divine appointment ball rolling. It so happened – one of the HEARD had a beach house. By the end of that day- this crazy group of 5 had a weekend tentatively planned. A few planning dinners and finally our weekend came.

Now- insider info needed… I may have extroverted moments – but I am an introvert by heart. This weekend was needed- but a stretch for me as well. That weekend we laughed, grew together, studied the word, and more importantly built a foundation to an amazing support system- based on faith. We are all so different and no longer working together- but I can’t imagine life without their spiritual support and guidance, prayers, laughs, and sometimes a good old kick in the booty.

These women remind me daily of 2 important things-

  1. Spend more time listening and saying yes to God’s divine appointments. I had absolutely NO idea how important that yes would be for the rest of my life.
  2. Find your HEARD, aka herd. Find a couple… It is my belief that we were not meant to do life alone (even as an introvert). In education we often use the term it takes a village. This is true in our Christ driven life as well. Find your herd, create a herd or two. If you need one – drop me a note (Contact) I will be part of your herd, no questions asked.

BFC #3

The reality of my bedroom food.

Bedroom Food Confession #3.

Background- I am a teacher and was on spring break this week. This is one of the few times I have off and the rest of the family is not. I enjoy some quiet time in my house – alone. I create a huge to do list and work hard to accomplish it all.

ConfessionIf you think AND then speak your thought that I haven’t done anything during my time off…. I will throw a sponge at you, yes a sponge, before retreating to the bedroom food.