For The Love.. Of the Heard

So in the post For the Love… and courage ,I shared my word of the year- courage. Part of my commitment to that word this year is sharing various testimonies (Through a series called For the Love) – that put together, form an amazing story of a battle won, a storm endured- ONLY by the grace and strength provided by God.

When processing the storm- I realized God’s hand in this journey truly started over 2 years ago.  In hindsight, God truly used yesterday to prep me for today. This journey would not have gone the way it did with out the HEARD. 

I may be a numbers person … but yes I do mean HEARD. This is a term that has come about for a very important group of women in my life… that honestly I don’t know if I could do life without them. Each letter represents a very important person and this group- the “HEARD” is my herd.

This group was completely orchestrated by God. None of us can take credit for its formation, in my opinion. It was a divine appointment set up by him- that thankfully all of us happen to hear his calling on our heart, didn’t question it, and said yes.  Only now, do I realize how pivotable that divine appointment was.

At the time, we all worked together. This was during my time as an assistant principal in a middle school.  I can’t remember what was happening on that day- but I can probably blame it on middle school hormones. All I can remember was making a comment, one day after our prayer group meeting, “We should go to the beach and get away for a weekend and reset. If I only knew someone with a house.” That is all it took for that divine appointment ball rolling. It so happened – one of the HEARD had a beach house. By the end of that day- this crazy group of 5 had a weekend tentatively planned. A few planning dinners and finally our weekend came.

Now- insider info needed… I may have extroverted moments – but I am an introvert by heart. This weekend was needed- but a stretch for me as well. That weekend we laughed, grew together, studied the word, and more importantly built a foundation to an amazing support system- based on faith. We are all so different and no longer working together- but I can’t imagine life without their spiritual support and guidance, prayers, laughs, and sometimes a good old kick in the booty.

These women remind me daily of 2 important things-

  1. Spend more time listening and saying yes to God’s divine appointments. I had absolutely NO idea how important that yes would be for the rest of my life.
  2. Find your HEARD, aka herd. Find a couple… It is my belief that we were not meant to do life alone (even as an introvert). In education we often use the term it takes a village. This is true in our Christ driven life as well. Find your herd, create a herd or two. If you need one – drop me a note (Contact) I will be part of your herd, no questions asked.

Author: OverFlawed Mom

First and foremost a Christian woman, who tries to serve the Lord as a wife, a mother, and a teacher- stumbling through life filled with lots of laughter, some tears and countless flaws.

2 thoughts on “For The Love.. Of the Heard”

  1. This has come into my in-box and truly is the most inspirational of blogs received today. I love the idea of being ‘heard’ in order to be a part of the herd. I have found that blogging helps in this respect. I appreciate knowing when you have blogged by WordPress e-mail. You are a part of my blogging herd. Thank you.


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