BFC #6

Bedroom Food Confession 6

I strongly feel that I have grown significantly in the realm of self-control throughout my life. I am human- so I have moments. Bedroom Food is probably a good indicator that I am attempting to keep my control. I realized this past week – I have way more self control in all environments – EXCEPT the interstate one the way to and from work. Why is that? I wondered in a “moment” if I should have bedroom food in my car to help prevent the things that come out of my mouth. I have realized that I have have very little grace for those driving crazy on the interstate. Why is that- why can I give (or try to give) it in so many areas- but it NEVER occurred to me that it is also needed to give on the interstate.

Confession:  It would not be safe to have bedroom food in my car. I wouldn’t have any control in that environment. 

Feel like you are missing something … Wondering what is bedroom food… See this post Bedroom Food Confession #1


Author: OverFlawed Mom

First and foremost a Christian woman, who tries to serve the Lord as a wife, a mother, and a teacher- stumbling through life filled with lots of laughter, some tears and countless flaws.

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