What Applause Are You Living For?

2 months…. TWO LONG MONTHS. Since I have posted. I was in the middle of a series- that I will finish in Gods time (he is …. I know he is… working with me on the words for part 3 and 4). Posts that have been outlined – but I let fear in. I let it in my marriage, my parenthood, my writing, my bible study, my teaching… and probably even my driving. I let a small fear of not being good enough filter into all areas of my life. Below I share a video and post I put on Facebook – that I also wanted to share with readers that aren’t on the Facebook.

I have been hiding a bit. I had a really bad ankle injury and 4 weeks later am just beginning to get back in my normal routine. It also made me realize how quickly I went from being ahead in work, at home, with this project – to being behind. Truthfully- I was feeling a bit defeated. I was (and still am) tired. Just that time of year … right…

I spent lots of time reflecting, resting, listening this weekend… I reminded myself I felt way more defeated years ago. I was still an AP and I was begging the Lord for a way out. At the time, I was the main provider for my family so I also felt kinda stuck. This continued for quite sometime. It wasn’t until a friend – asked how I was praying…. what was my prayer routine, did I journal ….I realized it was all wrong. She shared a prayer journaling method. I also attended a “retreat” with my HEARD and we really dove into the movie War Room and prayer. So, I prayed allot to find a new path. Prior to this, I NEVER prayed at work- to start the day, during the day, during a situation. I think as a public school employee I had trained my brain to keep Christ out of school. Well that changed. I prayed to work, at work, over my office, over the classrooms, on the way home from work, and while I drifted to sleep. I asked for wisdom and guidance for better balance, I asked for strength to accept my limits and lay the rest down at his feet. My world changed… my job didn’t in the least. My perspective did. Even though I am way better at it today than I used to be – I still can fall. LUCKILY he provides grace. During my reflection, studying, and being still recently- I found this video (linked below). It is geared towards teachers- but I PROMISE you WILL be able to apply it at your work place or your life too. WATCH – you will not be disappointed. https://youtu.be/uDAFEImfULg

“Live for the applause of the nail scared hands.”

WOW … let that sink in.