ABC’s of 2020: Dawn

When you think of dawn…. what do you see? I typically see beautiful colors, hear birds chirping, taste coffee, and feel energized. ….. that is all in my mind. I am a horrible morning person. However in recent years, I have come to depend on it. On work days, I drive to work pre-dawn/dawn- depending on the season. I am not at all a morning person… but this easily has become my favorite time of day. It is a time with God, time to reflect, think, without any distractions. It is the sight of new beginnings. I day filled with tons of potential – and I can’t imagine not starting it out in some way (prayer, song, meditation, sermon listening, reading).

BUT I promise you, as much as I want to embrace each new dawn, new potential just waiting- I can easily be like a little kid scared of the dark. Where I am so distracted, giving way more time and energy than I should, on what is lurking? On what could happen? and all the ways I would react to what could happen? I get so side tracked. I miss the opportunity to tune into the Lord and see what he wants me to see today.

Lord, Help us to see the potential of the new day. Help us to see your path in the dawns light. Amen

So friends… please share with me… what is your dawn routine to focus for the day? Share. I am begging you. How do you stay focused for the day?