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Summer Bible Study- GRACE

WHY –  I started this summer bible study- with life applications but also specific school applications as well.

Last summer I lead a closed group of teachers through a study of James and how it can be applied in schools (public or not). I learned so much. I decided to lead that because I was struggling aligning my faith in my profession. I knew as a public school teacher I couldn’t teach about the Lord — But I could absolutely put on the Armor, attempt to be more Christ like in my actions and pray for my classroom, students, lessons.

I had already started this blog (well and truthfully, have abandoned) and last year it was placed on my heart to find a way to create more Christ based positivity in the task we have been assigned to do everyday- teach, support students.

So why Grade. Grace had been placed on my heart for this study back in January. It wasn’t until mid-April the light bulb clicked on. Of course Grace now… What time in education, has grace been more important. We will look at Grace through lessons from Paul. We will dive a bit into Galatians, Romans, Ephesians, Corinthians and where ever else we are led. YOU NEED NOTHING- COME AS YOU ARE. I hope you decide to join us.

WHAT – We will be exploring grace, mainly through lessons from Paul. What is it? What it does? Amazing Grace? Grace in our classrooms. Grace in our life. Grace in our relationships. Grace for ourselves.

– Runs 8 weeks- June 8-July 31
– Utilize google meet for live sessions one day a week – two times: one in AM and one in PM
– Utilize private Facebook group for postings, encouragement, and discussions/sharing throughout. (optional)
– Required how to meet information will be provided by email if you don’t have Facebook.

The live sessions (through google meet) will provide some insight based on the word and hopefully will leave you with something to reflect on or try- in life and/or your classroom. It does not have homework or tasks to complete, to be able to participate. Support/updates provided by email- no social media required.

The private Facebook group, the mission and hope is this can at least be a part of your feed to bring support, positivity, and reminders that we have been given so much Grace by the Lord and can show that love to others. This is a closed group – so what is said, shared, is not public. But feel free to invite friends, family, co-workers who may want some Christian based, education based, support. This is not required to join live sessions.

For more information, get on the email list, and pick preferences – Please fill out this form-

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