Education, Faith

A Prayer to All the Teachers…

Dear Lord,

I ask you to be with each and every teacher every day- but especially today. Lord, I know many teachers are tired, sad, and missing our “normal routine”- I believe this is a bit stronger today. So Lord, I ask you to prepare their hearts to continue being the light, the stable foundation, to be a ray of light in darkness, and to be their students guide. Lord, I ask you to give each teacher wisdom. YOUR wisdom as they support their students. As they continue to support students mentally and emotionally through isolation of the pandemic- but specifically for the support to help our students to process the unrest and brokenness around them and in them. Lord, I ask for your presence to be know in each teachers heart, as they tackle today. Lord, I ask you to give them grace and the tools to support their students. Lord, give them the courage and wisdom to speak clearly and with love. Lord, give them strength when they feel weak. Lord, help them keep their eyes on you today and not the distractions. Give them a glimpse to see how their faith is impacting each and every student today. Lord, please carry  us teachers through the very real fear we have about what the world is becoming around us. Lord, remind each and every teacher and student we are not alone and your love will and always will come down.

In your loving name, Amen.

Some songs that may help you –

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