It’s a Wrap… 2020

2020 – the year of so many thoughts, but little to no words. In the last decade, 2020 will be the year with blank journal pages. So ironic, since one day the history books will need volumes to document 2020. The year with so many emotions and thoughts, my head spun regularly. Yet… the journal… for the most part blank. The books read pile, nearly empty. The blog posts- uncompleted.

My word for 2020 was leap. When I first started reflecting – I felt like it was a bust. It was a bit deflating and yet comical. Leap, in a year where things shut down. Forced to stay home. Required to change daily schedules- to almost no commitments. While reflecting on the year, my one word, and praying on direction for 2021… I turned to the few filled pages of my journal and realized of course leap. I “defined” my one word for 2020, I said it would be the year to “leap into faith and trust more.” If 2020 didn’t require that, I don’t know what year has. I have definitely leaped into faith to trust more- and in some very uncertain times (for the world and my family)- this leaping has given unexplainable peace in more minutes of each day than not.

Tune in tomorrow – New Years Eve for my 2021 one word and new direction for my (currently non-exsistant) writing.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap… 2020

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  1. Thank you. This year has been incredible in many ways. God did not change……… His PEACE, GRACE and HOPE never wavered.
    We saw the best and the worst of humanity rise to the surface, Only in 2021 will we see if lessons have been learned about S E L F I S H N E S S or whether we remain the SAME. I hope I have learned much and I pray I will never stop writing as long as I have breath. Every written voice is vital and I missed yours. Great to see your post once more.


    1. Faye, you are always an encouraging voice. Thank you for always taking the time to read and share your wisdom. I feel, as you do, I have learned much this year and hope I take these lessons with me into 2021 and beyond. Reflection has really helped refocus my perspective of 2020, the moments and lessons would have never came without witnessing/living the many events of 2020.


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