BFC #4

5 Things I say daily….

5. What is this and where did it come from?

4. Who Farted?

3. Put on Some Shorts.

2. For. The. Love.

1. Did you even try to aim?

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For The Love.. Of the Heard

So in the post For the Love… and courage ,I shared my word of the year- courage. Part of my commitment to that word this year is sharing various testimonies (Through a series called For the Love) – that put together, form an amazing story of a battle won, a storm endured- ONLY by the grace and strength provided by God.

When processing the storm- I realized God’s hand in this journey truly started over 2 years ago.  In hindsight, God truly used yesterday to prep me for today. This journey would not have gone the way it did with out the HEARD. 

I may be a numbers person … but yes I do mean HEARD. This is a term that has come about for a very important group of women in my life… that honestly I don’t know if I could do life without them. Each letter represents a very important person and this group- the “HEARD” is my herd.

This group was completely orchestrated by God. None of us can take credit for its formation, in my opinion. It was a divine appointment set up by him- that thankfully all of us happen to hear his calling on our heart, didn’t question it, and said yes.  Only now, do I realize how pivotable that divine appointment was.

At the time, we all worked together. This was during my time as an assistant principal in a middle school.  I can’t remember what was happening on that day- but I can probably blame it on middle school hormones. All I can remember was making a comment, one day after our prayer group meeting, “We should go to the beach and get away for a weekend and reset. If I only knew someone with a house.” That is all it took for that divine appointment ball rolling. It so happened – one of the HEARD had a beach house. By the end of that day- this crazy group of 5 had a weekend tentatively planned. A few planning dinners and finally our weekend came.

Now- insider info needed… I may have extroverted moments – but I am an introvert by heart. This weekend was needed- but a stretch for me as well. That weekend we laughed, grew together, studied the word, and more importantly built a foundation to an amazing support system- based on faith. We are all so different and no longer working together- but I can’t imagine life without their spiritual support and guidance, prayers, laughs, and sometimes a good old kick in the booty.

These women remind me daily of 2 important things-

  1. Spend more time listening and saying yes to God’s divine appointments. I had absolutely NO idea how important that yes would be for the rest of my life.
  2. Find your HEARD, aka herd. Find a couple… It is my belief that we were not meant to do life alone (even as an introvert). In education we often use the term it takes a village. This is true in our Christ driven life as well. Find your herd, create a herd or two. If you need one – drop me a note (Contact) I will be part of your herd, no questions asked.

BFC #3

The reality of my bedroom food.

Bedroom Food Confession #3.

Background- I am a teacher and was on spring break this week. This is one of the few times I have off and the rest of the family is not. I enjoy some quiet time in my house – alone. I create a huge to do list and work hard to accomplish it all.

ConfessionIf you think AND then speak your thought that I haven’t done anything during my time off…. I will throw a sponge at you, yes a sponge, before retreating to the bedroom food.


BFC #2

The reality of my bedroom food.

OK Bedroom Food Confession #2. (If you missed #1 – where it came from go here).

In BFC #1 I shared what that was- what I didn’t share is that I learned that from an aunt that shall remain nameless. But in reality- I haven’t hosted a BBQ/Picnic in months upon months. And I have already shared my opinion… that bedroom food saves lives.

ConfessionBBQ/Picnic or not -I still have bedroom food. In a house full of boys, this may or may not be a tampon box filled with goodies under my bed.


Bedroom Food Confession #1


So not even in 12 hours into posting again and I have a confessionBut first…. what in the heck is bedroom food. So imagine yourself hosting a picnic/BBQ. Go ahead close your eyes…. scratch that – keep reading. Any who – picnic hosting…. friends and family bring dishes to pass. In comes that cousin – with the to die for brownies (insert here what ever you crave). You hug them and thank them for bringing the brownies. When they go out to the deck to say hi to everyone else – you covertly take a good stash of the brownies (OK who are we joking – you take all but 2) to the bedroom. Return to the food table and work those 2 single brownies into the table scape.

After the day is over and you have finished cleaning up – you put the kids to bed, you wish the hubs a good night and head to the bedroom – and have a brownie.Every women should have some bedroom food. Bedroom food saves lives. OK maybe that is extreme …. maybe not.

Confession – not even a day into my re-entry of the blog-o-sphere, with a plan to share my our story/storm through my eyes over the coming weeks/months- and I am overwhelmed. Not with the story sharing- but how many “arrows” have been aimed in my direction to cause me to loose focus. Focus on God, daily digging into the word, focus on my kids needs, focus on my husbands needs, focus on this deep desire (that I can not explain to write). So many things the last 2 days. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING major – each individual “arrow” wouldn’t even have been remembered 5 minutes later, typically. OK- maybe the crazy women who purposefully put her car into reverse at a busy red light and backed into me – but the rest of it would have been easily forgotten in 5 minutes. But the onslaught of 1,000,001 arrows at once- has me off kilter. 

My husband took me for a short drive for a needed cup of delicious coffee, on this cold rainy evening. When we pulled back into our driveway – I could have sat in the car for hours to hide. Maybe it is the super-moon, maybe it is coincidence, maybe it’s the enemy, maybe it’s PMS, maybe I needed a cookie with that coffee? So who has the bedroom food… I’ll be there in 5 minutes. My husband is on a diet and we have nothing.