Bible Study for Teachers

I am soooooo sooo excited about this new adventure. I have been getting a strong nudge- OK maybe a push to head down this road. In so many areas of education, we teachers draw on our faith to help mold us and guide us- no matter where we are housed (public, private, charter, home schools).

To be very transparent as I start this new adventure… I have not written the studies or foundation materials to drive these. I am leading.I am adapting (as all teachers do with curriculum) and combining resources / inspiration to build and support our goals in the classroom. This will occur online, through a closed facebook group.  Visit my facebook page or contact me for more information.

Summer 2019 (June-July)  Just James – Study of the book of James 

Fall 2019 (September- November)  Unconditional & Transforming Love.

Bi-Monthly Live Facebook Meetings (with a reflections/goal take-away). Focusing our sessions around:

  • Session 1 – Intro: Types of Love
  • Session 2 – Faith: Love Focused Instead of Task Focused
  • Session 3 – Hope: Loving in the Unloving Moments
  • Session 4 – Love: Love Never Fails… It’s Unconditional
  • Session 5 – Self-Love: Last, But Not Least
  • Session 6 – My Love Plan… Life and Classroom

Spring 2020 (February – March) TBD:

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