Bedroom Food Confessions #22

Lessons from a skunk…. part 2. If you didn’t see part 1 click here first.

It has been a really busy week – The school I work for, students started back this week. My brain is still on summer mode and it is always a process to get back into the full swing of things. Then this weekend my husband and I have been volunteering at a camp for foster children. It was a fabulous experience- but we were passing like ships at night. Working different shifts and still having someone home for mini me.  As I got home late last night, I let the dog out. I returned a couple minutes later and he was fighting a skunk outside our back door. As I opened the door, spray was still getting the dog and then also got our laundry room. I yelled for my husband.

Thanks to my experience with the cat, I knew what to do. BUT the dog was covered so so so much more. He had to be bathed outside, in the dark, he was so uncomfortable from the spray. After the 3 bath process, he was finally let in and the real work began. The skunk still sat by our back door. He didn’t make it, but was still winning by emitting such a smell. The hub (THANK GOD FOR HIM) removed the skunk to our back woods. We began bleaching and hosing down our laundry room (add on so not directly in the house), the siding of the house, the windows… the list goes on. But the smell. I can’t even describe how strong it was. I had the AC on full blast and the font of the house windows open to try to move some of it out. Mini me now wide awake and not liking the current state of our air quality. Bless it. The hubs and I worked together a bit frustrated, some laughs, and lots of shaking our heads.

Confession I was not as joyful as when it happened with the cat. I was not immediately praising the Lord for this experience.

But as we went to bed, in the early morning hours, we pondered… OK I pondered and he patiently listened…. so I praised God and his blessing of calmness during cat bathing, did the enemy say- here watch this? Or is this just one of those things? A day later, as I sit here, I found the joy. I found the blessing. It might not be in the faint smell of skunk that still permeates most of our house, but the gift of time together. In such a craziness of a week, followed by a crazier weekend- where divide and conquer was the theme (one of which the enemy likes way way to much)…This blessing dressed as a curse, had given the hubs and I some quality (kid free) time that likely wouldn’t have happened this past weekend. It gave us laughs, eventually. Here is to hoping this is the end of the skunk chapter we have been in…. I love the blessings I found in each one. I am grateful for them.  Confession 2– But I would be lying if I wasn’t sitting here hoping lessons like this keep coming- but wishing, hoping, that maybe in the future the form could maybe resemble one of a mouse??

Bedroom Food Confessions #21

Yesterday we celebrated our dogs 7th year adoption anniversary… Mini me decided we needed to celebrate with a cookie cake.

Confession I did not need the stash yesterday because 2 of my 3 meals yesterday were cookie cake.

Note: New treadmill arrives Tuesday. True Story.


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Bedroom Food Confessions #20

The hubs has a feeling about the stash….

Confession I may have set-up a decoy 😉 just to be safe.

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BFC #19

Parenting Touchy-Twenty-Somethings

So I have the blessing/curse of menu planning and grocery shopping. I plan family dinners for everyone and breakfast/lunch for me and mini me. I ask that the hubs and older one give me their list for their breakfast and lunch. Lately, the hubs and most recently the tall older one (he is back – that is a story for another day… maybe)- come with us. I like having the extra lifting help. BUT even though I ask for what they are looking for- since they are going, they just pick stuff up. This doesn’t bother me if they can plan for themselves.  While I write this, I am eating a small handful of easter milk chocolate cadbury eggs because….

Confession: I pout. I am really good at it sometimes. I am not proud of this.

It is 3 days after grocery shopping. I am missing most, or main ingredients to every lunch I planned for me and mini me. Why? Because they didn’t plan well or at all and crept in on our plans. I know this is selfish – but I am struggling with their lack of planning has now disrupted my plan. I am struggling that if they finished something they couldn’t write it on the pad attached to the fridge, so that when I was at the store 30 minutes ago I could have picked up. But if I am really honest, I am struggling because when I pointed out what happened, I had an expectation. An expectation that they would be sorry or offer to run to the store. Neither happened. So now I am pouting and getting mad- because I am now struggling to get myself to stop pouting.

Question – Do you have moments like this? Does your mood at times get worse because now you are mad at yourself for feeling this way? Any tricks (besides chocolate) you want to share in the comments to pull yourself out?

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BFC #18

Parenting Touchy-Twenty-Somethings

Confession: I am not very good at stillness. (Bedroom food of choice today is Cheeto Crunchy… smh)

I have been struggling with a back issue. I have had many appointments with a wonderful chiropractor and we are progressing. With each appointment we take about 3 steps forward- and between appointments my back muscles take 2 steps back.  So it has been baby steps. I am not good at stillness for extended periods of time. I was caught up on rest (and laying is bad), but not caught up on all those home projects that get neglected during the school year. Usually, I am one who pushes through pain to keep going. However, since the pain has been so bad and progress so slow- I have been still not wanting to scare any progress away.  I really don’t like much tv, can’t seen to get into a book I own, and in denial about my soon starting school year work. I can be cranky between pain, tiredness (not sleeping) and frustration. I have been praying and diving into his word- I am sure I am missing a lesson in all this stillness. So here I am with orange fingers – and my progress on stillness is much like my back… 3 steps forward and 2-4 steps back.

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