Grace and Grit

This week starts Teacher Appreciation Week. In NC we are also gearing up to May 16- for the March for Students and Rally for Respect.

05.16.18 Respect Ed

I have been in the education field for almost 16 years now. I have worked mainly at high at-risk schools – in both the classroom and as an assistant principal. Very different experiences in those roles- but all worth the tears, heartache, joy, and love for every student and family that crossed my path. I took home each night the joys, smiles, and heartaches of many of my students… because every child is in need of an adult who will try to understand them, never give up on them, and insists they become the best they can be.  

I was (am) lucky. I grew up in a home with 2 loving supportive parents, surrounded by supporting extended family and lots of family friends… who honestly are family too.  As a family we had challenges, as a kid I had challenges- and let’s face it a good number of days- I probably was the challenge. Sometimes I was guided out of the challenge and sometimes I was left to learn from the challenge. Most days I feel my past, present, and future prepared/prepare me to, just maybe, guide and/or support some of the parents, students and the challenges that face them daily. I have seen so many of these situations recently. To be honest- my head and heart are exhausted. It is teacher appreciation week — as I attempt to process just some of what I have experienced lately- I reflect on the fact that I only get a small, tiny, minuscule amount compared to all the teachers that work with many students day in and day out. They work to reach every student in every capacity- academic, emotionally, and socially. I am so very blessed throughout the years to have crossed the paths of so many passionate individuals who CHOOSE to take that daily challenge everyday with a SMILE (an quite often silent tears). It might be teacher appreciation week – and even though students don’t always have the words- your daily choice to show up, slap the floor, and give it your all is quietly appreciated by many all year long. And as we approach summer- what many will miss day in and day out. I continue to be inspired by teachers, superheros I am surrounded by and so dedicated and talented.

Throughout these years in education I have also worked various second jobs- more commonly developing websites, education resources, and workplace training. I could have left education easily and had less stress, less heartache, and most definitely less working number of hours working per week. I would be lying if I didn’t share that I have had that thought over the years.  But…God could have given me strength, courage, and support to leave- But God said I am giving you something better than the strength and courage to go – you are so important to me I am giving you the grace and grit to stay…he has a reason. Somedays I don’t know what the reason is, somedays I see it loud and clear.


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