What Applause Are You Living For?

2 months…. TWO LONG MONTHS. Since I have posted. I was in the middle of a series- that I will finish in Gods time (he is …. I know he is… working with me on the words for part 3 and 4). Posts that have been outlined – but I let fear in. I let it in my marriage, my parenthood, my writing, my bible study, my teaching… and probably even my driving. I let a small fear of not being good enough filter into all areas of my life. Below I share a video and post I put on Facebook – that I also wanted to share with readers that aren’t on the Facebook.

I have been hiding a bit. I had a really bad ankle injury and 4 weeks later am just beginning to get back in my normal routine. It also made me realize how quickly I went from being ahead in work, at home, with this project – to being behind. Truthfully- I was feeling a bit defeated. I was (and still am) tired. Just that time of year … right…

I spent lots of time reflecting, resting, listening this weekend… I reminded myself I felt way more defeated years ago. I was still an AP and I was begging the Lord for a way out. At the time, I was the main provider for my family so I also felt kinda stuck. This continued for quite sometime. It wasn’t until a friend – asked how I was praying…. what was my prayer routine, did I journal ….I realized it was all wrong. She shared a prayer journaling method. I also attended a “retreat” with my HEARD and we really dove into the movie War Room and prayer. So, I prayed allot to find a new path. Prior to this, I NEVER prayed at work- to start the day, during the day, during a situation. I think as a public school employee I had trained my brain to keep Christ out of school. Well that changed. I prayed to work, at work, over my office, over the classrooms, on the way home from work, and while I drifted to sleep. I asked for wisdom and guidance for better balance, I asked for strength to accept my limits and lay the rest down at his feet. My world changed… my job didn’t in the least. My perspective did. Even though I am way better at it today than I used to be – I still can fall. LUCKILY he provides grace. During my reflection, studying, and being still recently- I found this video (linked below). It is geared towards teachers- but I PROMISE you WILL be able to apply it at your work place or your life too. WATCH – you will not be disappointed. https://youtu.be/uDAFEImfULg

“Live for the applause of the nail scared hands.”

WOW … let that sink in.

Lessons From a Cat

Sometimes it takes a step back, a day away to realize what has happened… you can call me crazy … but here it is.

So the enemy has been shooting arrows from all directions, this weekend- specifically Friday and Saturday. Well on Saturday, I turn on some tunes and had a word with the enemy and his need to leave, he has no power here. As I went to bed Saturday night, the hubs and I took a deep breath and told him the enemy didn’t get my Saturday night joy and he wasn’t about to have my Sunday joy.

Apparently the enemy felt like that was a dare. A cat that adopted us last fall, stays outside most the night- like clock work meowing to be let in around 6:30am. I was already up and just enjoying a peaceful morning and the hubs said I’ll get her. He lets her in. She comes into the bedroom, jumps up on the bed and I immediately realized she had been sprayed by a skunk. (We won’t talk about how in the world the hubs missed that smh). I quickly got her back outside so I could regroup. I took a deep breath and said oh no you are not robbing me of my Sunday morning joy and googled what to do (I mean what else would one do). I found that the best method required bathing the cat- not once BUT 3 TIMES…. a CAT. I prepared for the 3 different types of baths. First with dawn to break down the skunk oil, second with a mix of hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/water to neutralize the odor, and third pet shampoo to get any remnants of the previous washes off. I prepared- I put on the armor of God, turned on praise music, put on some pitiful armor to protect from the shredding my skin would endure. I walked the plank and went to get the cat.

Y’ALL – this cat sat calmly and only tried once to jump away for ALL THREE BATHS. . . AND she even cuddled after we got home from church. I just thought what an amazing cat.

Sometimes I am slow. The lesson, what I realized, 3 days later… I fought with the armor of God against all the arrows- I knew that would cause more and faster- like the book of James- I counted each arrow as joy- I praised the good Lord. AND YOU KNOW WHAT- I don’t have an amazing cat (she is cool), but I have an AMAZING GOD who blessed me (and the cat) with calmness. An amazing blessing all because of my mustard seed sized faith. It truly is the only explanation.

Top 5 Things This Momma Says Daily

5. What is this and where did it come from?

4. Who Farted?

3. Put on Some Shorts.

2. For. The. Love.

1. Did you even try to aim?

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July Journal Challenge

Get a journal – a pretty one. an old one. It doesn’t matter. I hope you will join me in the July Journal Challenge. Take 5 minutes of your day to journal and reflect on how the creator made you – perfectly flawed.  What you need….


Just James – Summer 2019

I am so excited about the Just James study. Not only because this is the inaugural study, but because this has quickly become one of my favorite books of the Bible.  If you are interested in this opportunity – you need to do the following:

  • Required: Hop on over to my facebook page for group joining info
  • Optional Itemsyou do NOT need these to actively participate in the group study. I will provide all needed information for discussions.