Beginnings… Summer is Coming

There is a magic with new beginnings- large or small… Don’t you agree. Something about the freshness of it all. This Monday I am reminded of that, especially this time of year. Mini Me and I are about to start our first ever summer together- with me home and not working. People… I have worked EVERY summer since I was 15. I know hard to believe… I’m a teacher (was a school administrator as well) – we “have summers off”. After over 15 years in the business- this is the FIRST summer I will not be working full time. I do have that pesky 2 week required training over the summer.

This new beginning brings lots of excitement.

Back in January/February Mini Me picked out 8 different themes he wanted to learn about. We have worked together, planned, and collected items along these themes. We will have plenty of pool, relaxing, and rest time – but I am excited to put some energy into planning his learning.

I have developed a “summer schedule”- I learned quickly through winter break and snow days- this helps us – this saves us actually. Now- if life happens, feelings happen – we change our schedule. But it is a good foundation for us. I have shared our version and blank version here for your enjoyment. Summer Resources Click Here. I will share our weekly theme resources/activities throughout the summer as well.

Mini Me’s Summer Learning Picks:

  • Week 1- Whales
  • Week 2- Safari
  • Week 3- Dinosaurs
  • Week 4- Butterflies
  • Week 5- Weather/Storms
  • Week 6- Elephants
  • Week 7- Rocks and Minerals
  • Week 8- Sharks

Share with me in the comments- any tips or stories about surviving the summer with your children.