5 Things I Learned From Unplugging… Again

The 5 things learned and new goals to support my reflection while unpligged.

For about the past two weeks I have detached from the internet… for the most part. I still needed it to complete tasks for the last week of work. Then last week I detached and mini me and I began our summer break with rest. Lots of it. In the past I have completely detached for at least one week a year. I stopped that practice. I didn’t realize how much I missed that and how much my spirit needed it.  I forgot the things I learned from this practice and some quickly came back to me and some still surprised me.

  1. I typically never detach from work. I never realized how many times I checked and responded to my work email while at home during “family time”. I am in a household full of boys- this usually means some sport event is on tv. In turn it appears I navigated to checking and responding to email. New goal in this area: I have disabled email notifications for the summer and plan to check once a week.
  2. I needed to reinvest in my book collection. I found, as a self proclaimed avid reader – by book collection was more dinosaurs, superheros, or the latest educational read. Now, do not get me wrong, I cherish my time reading with mini me and my reading in my career field (that I am very passionate about). However, this opened my eyes to how unbalanced my life can be. Goal: Find my library card and scope out something new to read.
  3. I have too many ideas in my head and need to get them on paper. Since I didn’t post last week- I used this time to map out many ideas and post drafts. It was a great reflection time to better plan the future of the blog and what I want to personally get out of it. Goal: I have set aside some brainstorming “paper” time at least once a month.
  4. My children are hysterical when they don’t know I am watching. It is so easy to get caught up in the “to do” list – for my  job, personal correspondence, personal enrichment, household duties and more “required” children duties- it was nice to sit and just watch our children and their creative minds interact with toys, crafts, and us. We laughed a lot. Goal: Wake up just a bit earlier some Saturday’s to complete blog tasks and make coffee. Spend some time drinking coffee and observing our kids.
  5. It is good to linger in bed and enjoy a slow morning. I am not one to sit around all day- if I am sitting I am working, researching, or writing. But most of the time I am working around the house, during the school year prepping lessons, and most of all enjoying time with my family. I like to get every moment out of the day as possible. These 2 weeks, made me realize by trying to get every productive minute out of the day, I was missing some very important time with myself and/or my husband. It is amazing how 10 extra minutes lingering in bed to talk, cuddle, or just pray changes the atmosphere of the rest the day. Goal: At least once a weekend linger for at least 10 minutes in the bed.